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We all know what to expect if we decide a Snickers bar is required. Delicious milk chocolate mixed with nuts and caramel in bar form. Snickers are amongst my favorite chocolate bars so I’m nearly always to be found with at least one packet in my shopping basket to keep my stocks replenished. Usually I manage to resist the temptation to eat the chocolate en-route but once home the tasty treat doesn’t last long. Tearing the wrapper releases the glorious chocolate aroma synonymous with the brand.

I bite off the first chunk to get a full view of the quality, consistency and amount of nuts and caramel. The caramel is just soft enough to dribble seductively and is not too predominant in comparison to the chocolate; it is a dark honey color with an appealing sheen. The flavor is gloriously understated; the chocolate and caramel both melt in the mouth to give an infusion of chocolate, caramel and peanut that complement each other beautifully rather than compete against each other.

The chocolate is easy to bite into and I find myself with a chunk of the bar in my mouth melting slowly. I elect to bite and find that the nut contained is crisp which complements the soft chocolate well. I suck my second bite to let the chocolate melt away which leaves a nutty caramel amalgam in the mouth. Chewing this does release a delicious nut like flavor but not enough to produce that bitter tang sometimes apparent in other varieties of nut, I guess that the peanut was chosen for this bar because of its mild taste and crisp texture and to that end it works.

Despite the size of the bar (king-size) I was able to eat and enjoy it in one sitting, it might sound on the sickly side if you over indulge but it is actually a thoroughly pleasant eating experience from start to finish .After finishing there was a slight sourness in my mouth which I put down to the peanuts, but it was not too unpleasant a taste so no worries there. In comparison to the Mars bar that I find too sweet and sickly this bar is just as a chocolate bar should be, subtle yet enjoyable. I guess much of that is owed to the peanuts.The Snickers bar gets a full five stars from me, smooth and delicious all rolled into one, a delightful chocolate bar that can more than hold its own in this crowded sector of the market.


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