Light Spring Cooking

In the winter the weather is dreary and cold, so we want comfort foods. Foods with lots of carbs that is heavy and warm. But as the weather begins to change and heats up our appetites change and we no longer grave the heavy foods we were when it was snowing.

Lightening up on cooking in the spring is not only more suitable to the weather and temperatures, but lowering the caloric intake will help you get ready for bikini weather in the summer.

Substitute some of the heavier side dishes like mashed potatoes and macaroni with fresh sides or cold sides. For example, instead of mashed potatoes with pork chops or steak, a nice crisp salad with cucumbers and tomatoes would make a great substitute. And instead of baked macaroni dinner, why not make a cold tuna salad, or chicken salad.

Meat wise skip the heavy stews and pot roast, as the nice weather comes out so does the grill. Grilled seafood, chicken, etc… is great and can be made into lighter meals rather than something dripped with gravy.

Looking at your weekly meal planner, just start taking out some of the winter based starchy foods and substituting in fresh vegetables, grilled meats, vegetable and fruit salads, and cold foods like tuna salad.

Sandwiches are a great light food as well. There are wheat sub buns you can use and stack on your favorite deli meats, cheeses and veggies and drizzle lightly with Italian salad dressing. Also, po boys make a great meal. You can use whatever seafood you like, spread one side with spicy mayonnaise and put the seafood in topping with lettuce and sweet peppers.

And we cannot forget desserts. Instead of cobblers and pies it’s time to whip out the cold desserts and fluffy desserts. Strawberry shortcake is always a favorite. Simply make a white or yellow cake, let it cool and top with whip cream and strawberries. Or a jello cake. Bake a yellow or white cake and when it’s cooled poke holes through it with a fork and drizzle with jello that is still liquid. Top with whip cream and you are good to go. Plus, fruit salads, puddings, and frozen yogurt is great when the weather is warming up.

Though it seems like it will be a hassle to chain your entire grocery list, just start picking out some of the heavy foods and replacing with lighter and fresher foods. And not only will it be lighter on you and your stomach in the warmer weather but will help you cut calories and carbs as well.


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