Who Makes the best Hot Dogs

The best hot dog I have had recently is the Sinai Kosher hot dogs. They are huge and juicy when you bite into them. I grew up eating Nathan’s hot dogs at Coney Island, lathered with mustard and topped off with sauerkraut. Of course, the atmosphere made it extra delicious. Now I live on the other side of the county and have not had a Nathan’s hot dog in a while. I tried one of the ones you buy at the supermarket, but it was not the same. Either it is because things are different when you are a kid, or it is missing the sand and sea breeze in the air.

I found Sinai Kosher hot dogs by accident. I was going to have a barbecue and went shopping at Costco. I found a brand I had never heard. They seemed to be a good deal, so I decided to try them. I grilled them on the barbecue. When I served them, everyone said that these were the best hot dogs they had ever had. I decided to try one. When I first bit into a Sinai hot dog, I new they were right. Then I started buying them all the time. However, if you know anything about Costco, you know they do not always stock the same brands. There came a time when I was not able to find Sinai hot dogs at the Costco to which I go

I was very disappointed. I really liked the Sinai hot dogs. However, much to my glee, I found that Costco was actually selling Sinai hot dogs at their food concession stand. In addition, things only got better. A hot dog on a large bun plus a 20 oz. drink is only $1.50 (+ tax it comes to $1.63). Now whenever I go to Costco, I make sure I get a Sinai kosher hot dog, Sauerkraut is available and mustard, relish and onions can be found at the condiment bar.

One time when I was at Costco eating my hot dog, I saw that almost everyone else around me was also eating a hot dog. I asked each person what his or her favorite hot dog was. Almost every person I asked said that one of the reasons they happened to be at Costco at that time of day was because of the hot dog.

Sinai Kosher hot dogs are made in Chicago. Chicago seems to know their hot dogs. Most of the famous ones come from there. At some point in time, Sinai hot dogs have been the hot dog sold at many of Chicago’s sports concession stands, including the White Sox, Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks, and the Bears.

Being Kosher, I knew that Sinai hot dogs would be made from All-Beef and not have any pork. All impurities have been removed and some fats, veins and arteries have been trimmed. Every ingredient must be listed on the package. I have tried other kosher hot dogs and feel that Sinai is still the best.

There is only one negative side to the Sinai hot dog. It is much more fattening than many other hot dogs. They have 540 calories, 30 grams of fat, and 48 grams of carbohydrates. Sounds dangerous but tastes dangerously good. Yum!


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