What’s Cooking with these Celebrity Chefs Paula Deen Guy Fieri and Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri, Paula Deen, Giada De Laurentiis, just some of the names of famous chefs who have become very popular members of the Food Network team of star chefs. What sets these chef stars apart from everyone else that will help you make the right career decision?

Each celebrity chef knows his or her stuff. They have gone to school to learn their culinary craft, and many times they were born into a family that centers on creating food as part of their rich heritage. To become a celebrity chef, you will want to go to a school for chefs such as The Culinary Institute of America. But if you don’t want to move to another city or have that kind of dough to spend, you can find a great school near where you live. More and more colleges are recognizing that chefs are created as well as born, and new restaurant management, and chef schools are popping up all over America.

Why are celebrity chefs such as Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri, and Paula Deen shining stars in the world of food? Each celebrity chef has a certain something that just shines through. Each celebrity chef has a wonderful way with people. They have charisma as well as a vast knowledge of every aspect of food. That is what shows through when each celebrity chef is on camera creating a stunning, tasty delight that just jumps out of the screen at the audience.

In any business you will need to have that certain something. You will need to have a shining, charismatic personality that people want to be around. Charisma and charm are the key traits anyone needs to carry through and become a stunning success in any aspect of business. You must also be confident, and you need to love what you are doing. To become a good chef you need to be in love with your vocation.

Many people, who become celebrity chefs or shining examples of great chefs, are those people who have grown up literally obsessed with foods. What I mean is they adore everything that has to do with food, from the spices involved, to the wonderful aroma created by the food cooking, to actually creating food that tastes great. People who love food love to create dishes that taste and look great, and that are accompanies by wonderful table settings that compliment the dish creations.

How do you become a great chef? Watch Food Network and take notes. Watch how each chef talks continuously throughout the meal preparation. Discover how much they know food preparation, food, spices, cooking utensils, and pots and pans. Watch how they present the food to make it as appealing as possible. Go to school to learn your craft, and you can be a celebrity chef in your own right!


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