Tips on how to Prepare Meals for a Week in only one Day

Modern day life can be very busy and have a lot of time constraints.  Family commitments and a working life can leave you tired at the end of each day.  By the time you get home from work, cooking a meal is the last thing that you feel like doing.  One way around this is to cook all the meals for the week on one day so that they just need reheating each day.  

Here are some tips on how cooking a weeks worth of meals in only one day can be achieved:

Choose a good day

The best day to cook all your meals is a day when you are off work, not expecting visitors and will have plenty of time to focus on the task in hand.  Constant distractions will mean that you will not succeed.

Be organized

Organization is key.  First of all, have a menu.  You need to plan what meals you will have on what day, what equipment you will need, how long each dish takes to cook and what ingredients you will need.  Before you begin cooking, get all your equipment ready and layout your ingredients so that you have everything to hand.  It is also a good idea to preheat the oven.

Storage room

Make sure that you have enough space in your refrigerator and freezer to store the food once it is cooked.  It is a wasted venture if you spend all day cooking and then realize that you have nowhere to keep the items.  The food will all go off and need throwing away.  Often, creating enough storage space is a simple case of moving things around to create more room

Cook a roast

Your choice of meals is vital in being able to create a full weeks meals in one day. A roast is a particularly good idea as several meals can be made from one joint of meat.  It is advisable to use the joint for the first three days in your weekly meals. On the first day, cook it as a roast dinner with potatoes and vegetables.  Use the stock from the meat to make a broth or soup on the same day that can be frozen, or freeze the stock for when you are cooking next week.  On the second day you can use some of the leftover meat for sandwiches or a salad.  On the third day, you can use the final pieces of meat for a stew or casserole.  The stew or casserole can be cooked as soon as the roast has finished cooking.

Tray bakes

Making a large tray of food that will last for two meals is also a good idea, if you are happy to have the same thing two days running.  Things like lasagne, hotpot or cottage pie are ideal for this.  If you choose to do this and do not want to have exactly the same meal two days in a row, simply alter what you serve the main part of the dish with.


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