Smile with a baby

Eight years ago today i woke up in a hospital bed with 7.6 pound baby boy looking at me for the first time. Wow, what a life changing moment. He was so small and so beautiful, despite the hickie on his head from the suction used and the bruise on his check from the forcepts they used. I was so filled with love for this little being that je and i had made. We did not know the sex of the child until he was born so we were still tossing around names that this person was going to be called for the rest of his life. We were so consumed with joy for our little blessing but so clueless to the many ways our lives were going to change! i am happy to say i am here to celebrate his eighth birthday. At 9:08 last night i held that 50 pound kid the way i held him on the night he was born and i told him what a gift he was to us. i told him all the details of his birth and he asked questions and loved the moment as much as i did. (although my legs were falling asleep from the weight!) Then in my heart, i thanked God for this day and all the days in between because on August 14, 1998, when Tait was 15 months old i was told i had stage three breast cancer. On that day i prayed to God to let me see my child grow for as long as possible. Thanks you Lord, for the good days and the bad. And thank you for my two favorite students.