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Some brands of store bought cocktail sauce are fairly good, and others aren’t. It isn’t always easy to know the difference without tasting it. However, most brands have one thing in common: They cost a lot more than they would by just making them yourself. Best of all, cocktail sauce is quite easy to make.


1 cup tomato catsup
1 tablespoon ground horseradish
1/4 teaspoon dill
1 squirt (about 1/8 teaspoon) real lemon juice

Mix the ingredients well and refrigerate. If you want more of a bite for your cocktail sauce, add extra horseradish. If you like it blander, don’t add as much.

Tomato sauce or barbecue sauce can be used instead of catsup, however catsup usually has the best blend of spices.

Note that the fresher the horseradish, the better the results will be. Also, be sure to use ground horseradish rather than creamed horseradish. There is a huge difference in flavor.

This cocktail sauce is simple to make, takes little time, and is inexpensive. Yet it is suitable for many kinds of seafood and can give the special zing needed to create something memorable.

Why spend a lot of money on a small container of cocktail sauce when you can make something so easily, that tastes much better, for a lot less cash?


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