Product Reviews Kraft Easy Mac Macaroni and Cheese

Kraft Easy Mac is every conventional oven’s worst nightmare. With this incredibly simple microwavable version of classic macaroni and cheese, the need for rangetop cooking is completely eliminated. So is the need for extra equipment like a strainer and a soup pot. Kraft Easy Mac macaroni and cheese is made to be simple enough and safe enough for kids (particularly teenagers) to make for themselves. Kraft Easy Mac makes a great at-home lunch or after-school snack.

To make Kraft Easy Mac, all you have to do is fill a microwavable bowl with a specified amount of water, dump in the dry noodles and then just pop it in the microwave. When it is finished heating for the amount of time printed on the box, it is time to stir in the other ingredients. Be careful, though. When you remove the bowl of watery noodles from the microwave, both the bowl and the water are going to be very, very hot. Always use caution.

The noodles will be soft, and there will also be a small amount of hot water in the bowl. But there is no need to strain it with Kraft Easy Mac! Pour in the packet of cheese sauce mix, and the water will help make it creamy and cheesy as you stir. There is no need to add milk or butter (or margarine), as there is with regular box macaroni and cheese. Kraft Easy Mac has all same flavor without the hassle. (If you choose to add milk or butter or margarine, it will not harm your Easy Mac…it will probably enhance it. That’s your call, though with Kraft Easy Mac it is unnecessary.)

Many people like to jazz up their macaroni and cheese with ingredients such as salt, pepper, celery salt, or bacon bits. Feeling adventurous? Try cinnamon. Prepare your Kraft Easy Mac however you like your macaroni and cheese. I highly recommend it for anyone who doesn’t mind eating something that can be cooked in seconds. Plus, Kraft Easy Mac can often times be found in bulk, at stores like Costco, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club. It is a very inexpensive meal in a world of over-priced food.

Kraft Easy Mac is an absolutely wonderful product, revolutionizing teenagers’ eating habits. Instead of bothering Mom to slave over the hot stove for ten or fifteen minutes when they are hungry, teens can make it for themselves in a matter of minutes. Kraft Easy Mac is also great for college living when you are barely squeezing by financially. And if you are really hungry, Kraft recommends making yourself a double-batch…equally as simple, doubly as filling!


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