Mrs Bucknasty

I feel so happy as I am in a loving relationship with a woman that stimulates me physically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

Supporting Actions:

I now know that I can’t attract what I want until I truly believe I deserve it at a sub conscious level. To change those limiting beliefs I am practicing both EFT and The Sedona method.

It’s a great step! It’s the only way you will attract what you truly want.

Another thing you can do is make a detailed list of all the qualities you want in “Mrs. Bucknasty”, as well as all the qualities you want in a relationship. Look over it daily and feel what it would be like to be in a relationship with this wonderful person. Affirm that you are open to a wonderful, loving relationship.

I see you laughing and truly happy with a very special woman who sees how deserving and special you are.

You’ll be in my thoughts!