My heArt-a-Day Blog Reaches 1000 Visitors Each Day

This morning I checked and my heArt-a-Day blog has been at 1000 visitors each day for a month now. I don’t have to do anything special to get them there. It has taken on a life of it’s own. All I have to concentrate on now is getting the heart art done each day.

Supporting Actions:

Trust my intuition to know what it’s doing. Concentrate on the art and not get so caught up in the “game” of getting traffic to the site. Keep looking for the reasons I’m doing hearts in the first place and what can grow out of that that will be helpful to people. Know that it’s okay that I want to spread love in the world and that doesn’t make me weak.

Background Information:

I have started a blog in which I do a piece of heart-themed art every day. That’s why it’s called heArt-a-Day. I am up to 30 pieces. I am extremely intuitive and creative, but I don’t usually know why i do the things I do that are directed by either one. I just follow the call. Putting this intention here is also an intuitive nudging.

I know this is doable as the blog had a 200 view day last week.

I have trouble doing affirmations in the present tense, so I’m trying past tense, as though it already happened.