Difference between Yellow and White Cake

Yellow cake, as the name suggests is yellow and it usually gets this color from the use of egg yolks. The white cakes are so called because of the fact that they use the whites of the egg rather than the yolk while baking the cake. However, besides this major difference, the rest of the ingredients in both the cakes are more or less the same. Like the rest of the cakes, these types of cakes also use substances like flour, baking soda, sugar, milk and vanilla. Yellow cakes are also recognized as Golden Cake, a Moist Yellow Cake and/or a Yellow Butter Cake. As stated before, it is not the yellow food coloring, but the natural yolks of the eggs which is capable of giving the cake such a rich vibrant color.

The concentration of the yellow color in the cake is totally dependent upon the baker as he/she is the only person who has the power to decide the amount of egg yolks to be added in the mixture of the cake to be prepared. There are some people who prefer to use four eggs. On the other hand, there are a number of people who do not like the smell of eggs and like their food with minimum eggs in it. Hence, such category of people bakes yellow cakes and they stick with only a couple of eggs. You need not need to get worried due to these varying amounts of eggs because there are a great number of diverse recipes for Three Egg and a Four Egg Cakes. There are also recipes which use more egg whites and less yolks depending upon the cake you are baking.

It has been noticed that yellow cakes are generally less refined than the white ones. Therefore, they use fewer amounts of eggs and a great proportion of flour. Nonetheless, these cakes always manage to maintain their moisture and softness and hardly anyone complains about the way they are prepared. These cakes come in a variety of forms. You can see them in the shape of a loaf and a cup cake both. You might have assuredly seen one at a wedding too as they are lately becoming famous as wedding cakes as well.

On the other hand, the white cakes completely avoid the egg yolks. They only utilize the white of the egg for their pure and spotless color and they are a must when one is getting married as they are very good at representing grand and festive occasions. 


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