Cloudy Urine during Pregnancy

Many women notice themselves have cloudy urine during pregnancy.

Is it a sign of pregnancy?

Does cloudy urine indicate pregnancy? No, it doesn’t. Cloudy urine is not a feature of pregnancy and can not be as a sign of pregnancy. Whether or not you are pregnant, that would not cause too much difference in the occurrence of cloudy urine. In fact, cessation of menstruation (Amenorrhea) is an indication/key sign/first sign for pregnancy, and the diagnosis requires testing.

However, pregnancy can actually more or less affect the change in the urine. It can be that urine is cloudy during the (early) pregnancy but it’s not always the case.

① Increased metabolism in pregnancy

During pregnancy, metabolism is active. Metabolites of the pregnant women and fetuses are elevated, and will be excreted through the urine. The increased metabolites mainly include urea, uric acid, creatine and creatinine. When these metabolites are too many in the urine, the urine is cloudy because of the crystallization and then precipitation of the urinary metabolites.

② Changes in the ureter during pregnancy

By the impact of progesterone, urinary tract smooth muscle tension decreases. so that the renal pelvis and ureters are relaxation, expansion and thickening. The result is that the urine flow is slow, or even urine reflux. In addition, the ureter may be compressed by enlarged uterus, more common in right ureter by dextral uterus. These factors make women more prone to acute pyelonephritis, more in right side. As we all know, pyelonephritis is a main cause of cloudy urine.