All is well

All is well with the side effects of the new drug so far. I was very fatigued and sleepy on Thursday and Friday but starting picking up a bit on Saturday. Not too much in the nasuea department (i took a pill anyway, maybe that is why!!) still have the runs and my joints and big bones ache. i also have a bit of heartburn. Chemo has a way of burning the lining of the esophogus and therefore causing the heartburn. i have experienced this before with other chemos. We did get to celebrate JE’s 35th with some yummy burgers and cake. He worked Habitat, we went to a birthday party, the opening of our new fire station, and bowling with our church. Sunday he got to lay around on the couch and watch golf like a normal lazy Dad. He never does this so it was a nice birthday treat for him. Off to chemo for another week of fun then fishing on the bay with the family in Kingsville for the weekend.