Why Food is the Ultimate Gift

No matter the occasion we associate food with many of the important times in our lives: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, first dates, and the celebration after the big game.

So many gifts are useless trinkets or novelty items that end up in the back of a closet somewhere. If a person really wants to give a gift that will be enjoyed and appreciated, food is the ultimate gift.

Nearly everyone likes to go out to eat as a form of entertainment. Gift cards to a nice restaurants are welcome for a night on the town. If the gift is to a family, a gift card to a favorite pizzeria is highly regarded. This is a good gift idea also for babysitters, teachers, and friends.

For a housewarming party, a bottle of wine with a set of wine glasses and wine fobs are always accepted. It is fun to bring a bottle of wine back from a place that you have vacationed to share with those back home. This is a highly enjoyed gift for many gift giving opportunities.

For those with a sweet tooth, boxes of special chocolates, special pastries from a bakery or a homemade baked item are often enjoyed. When you know the very sweet that someone enjoys and it is given as a gift, it sends the message that you really know that person.

When you have a child head off to college, care packages are a great way to show you still care about them and think of them. College students love it when their parents pack a box with a few homemade cookies, a favorite mini box of cereal, or even packages of hot chocolate. Stick in a gift card for a sub sandwich or a pizza as well as a few quarters or dollars for the vending machine and it will really lift their spirits and get them geared up for studying for exams.

When a baby is born, new parents have a lot on their hands just taking care of the new baby. Sending over a casserole dish or a pot roast with vegies can help a new mom and dad enjoy their time with baby instead of spending time in the kitchen.

If a friend or relative has been ill, nothing beats sending over a container of homemade chicken noodle soup with some crusty bread and maybe a bottle of orange juice. It sends the message that you really care about them.

Food and beverages are always, welcome gifts and for many occasions they are the most appropriate gift. So when someone you know is having a bad day or if you have a special occasion, always consider a gift of food as an option.


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