The Grist Mill Warrensburg Ny

Why is it that so many of the finest eating establishments are well off the beaten path?  Only those that are in on the secret get to enjoy it.  And yet, these places are packed just about every night.  The Grist Mill is a restaurant in Warrensburg, New York, and the secret is about to be let out.

This restaurant is located in a town that already does not get too many tourists.  It has great proximity to area attractions, but on its own, the only real attraction is one gigantic garage sale which has been called the biggest in the state.  Further, The Grist Mill is not found in the town proper.  Visitors need to exit the major highway, I-87, travel part-way into Warrensburg, cross a bridge, and follow a windy road to what does not look like any sort of fine establishment from the outside.  Part of the reason the outside looks so unappealing is that the building used to actually be a Grist Mill.  (Side Note:  In the downstairs bar, there are some things on the wall that tell about the history of the building.)  For those who get there, and find parking, there is an excellent dining experience waiting inside.

One step through the door, and patrons will feel that they are in an entirely different world.  Everything is dark wood and rustic, but also screams of excellence. The wall hangings are old-timey and sort of clash with the class of the restaurant, but many people really like it, and they should.  There are three floors for dining, with the bar downstairs.  The bar is very interesting, as the bar itself has a lower counter than most, and there are regular chairs instead of bar stools.  Behind the bar, the floor is sunk down, so the bar tenders can still be at the proper level.  It can be a little bit of an illusion for those visiting for the first time.

The food at the Grist Mill is simply amazing.  Every appetizer, every drink, every entree is of the finest quality.  Many of the dishes are interesting and rare in addition to being delicious.  Very few menus anywhere provide venison as an option.  Wether in the mood for steaks, seafood, or other, diners are going to be happy with what they put in their mouth.


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