How to Grill Tomatoes

Grilled tomatoes are delicious when served as part of a good hearty brunch. When the barbecue comes out for the summer months then it is easy to cook tasty and moist char-grilled tomatoes. There is no right or wrong way to grill tomatoes but many people find that the hot soft cooked tomatoes are difficult to transfer from pan to plate without loosing some of their sweet juices.

Tomatoes do not take long to grill and the fruits can be placed under the hot grill just minutes before serving the meal. Buy tomatoes that are a decent size, when the fruits are cut in half to grill then each half will render a portion that is worth eating. Choose tomatoes that are not blemished or bruised. Before grilling wash the tomatoes under the cold water tap and then cut them in half.

An eye level grill is perfect for grilling tomatoes. The grill pan is visible at all times and it is possible to regulate the gas temperature quickly and easily. Place the tomatoes that have been cut in half on the bottom of the grill pan. Put a spot of good olive oil into a small jug and using a pastry brush just lightly oil the tops of the tomatoes. The oil helps the tomatoes to brown slightly and as they grill under the heat the cooked skins look appealing.

Before placing the tomatoes under the grill season them lightly. Then take a teaspoon and sprinkle a touch of white sugar onto the juicy flesh of the raw fruit. The sugar sweetens the tomatoes and further enhances the flavor.

The grill needs to warm up before the grill pan of tomatoes is placed underneath to cook. When there is a good heat coming from the grill then place the grill pan under the heat and begin to let the tomatoes cook. Grilling ripe sweet tomatoes takes less than a couple of minutes so it pays to stand and watch them while they cook.

Allow the tomatoes to cook on one side until the skins are golden and then use a fish slice to turn the tomatoes to let them cook on the other side. At this point the sweet hot tomato pulp will start to run out but the tasty juices can always be spooned over the freshly cooked tomatoes.

When both sides of the tomato are grilled they will be golden and ready to serve. The cooked tomatoes will smell appetising and look good when put on the plate with hot bacon, sausages and fried eggs.


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